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Supply chain management

Experience seamless, sustainable, and resilient supply chain processes with copperdot. Read more about our world-class logistics, standardized processes, and rapid risk responses, which ensure that your PCB needs are met with unmatched efficiency.

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Logistic services and sustainability

Delivering excellence is at the heart of our logistic services:

Bosch freight bundling: Our collaborative approach optimizes the transportation of goods, ensuring timely deliveries and reduced emissions.

Packaging optimization: We prioritize sustainable practices, making sure our packaging is not only efficient, but also environmentally conscious.

Process optimization: Every step is streamlined for maximum efficacy, which translates to faster turn-around times and optimal resource utilization.

Excellence in our supply chain

Standardization initiatives: We believe in consistency, ensuring that every process is standardized for uniformity and excellence.

Lean processes: Every procedure is optimized to reduce waste, guaranteeing the best quality for our customers without any excess.

Digital integration: Our supply chain is not just connected; it’s digitized, allowing for real-time updates and swift adaptations.

Operational realization

Global network: Our worldwide distribution network ensures that our PCBs can reach you no matter where you are.

Flexibility in freight: Choose between air, sea, or road freight. We provide options that best fit your timeline and budget.

Tailored solutions: From handling special projects to managing returns, our operational capabilities are vast and varied. Plus, we partner with some of the industry’s most reliable logistics companies to offer you shipment solutions based on your location and requirements.

Risk management in our supply chain

Preventive measures: We don’t just react; we are proactive. In line with Group-wide standards, our supply-chain risk management focuses on ensuring resilience against potential disruptions.

Rapid response: Unpredictable situations? Our supply chain is designed to adapt swiftly, ensuring minimal downtime.

Stability with the Bosch SCRM System: Leveraging the Bosch Supply Chain Risk Management System, we ensure stability and predictability in our supply chain operations.

Our supply chain management goes beyond delivering products. We also deliver trust, reliability, and unparalleled service. Learn more about our processes and experience the copperdot difference.

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