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Quality management

With copperdot, excellence is ingrained in every layer. Find out more about our rigorous quality assurance and risk management processes, which ensure top-tier PCB production. With our steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and functionality, we’re redefining industry standards.

Image of PCB being quality checked by a scanner

Quality isn’t just an outcome; it’s the result of a process driven by intrinsic motivation. Bosch’s long-standing ‘we-want-to-understand’ approach allows us to establish and control the entire quality chain — from the raw materials to the end client — at the highest level.

The copperdot approach

Supplier selection: PCB manufacturers selected by Bosch need to fulfill a number of basic criteria. In addition to outstanding production and quality systems, we have high standards in terms of process know-how and excellent testing capabilities. Supply chain dependencies and production location are important as well.

Stringent process adherence: Bosch believes in the principle of “do it right the first time.” Speed coupled with efficiency remains our central focus. Our philosophy extends to ensuring our manufacturers’ testing capabilities are top notch, with reliable data generation essential for decisive actions.

Customer-centricity: Function, usability, and reliability are at the very core of our approval process — whether at the initial process launch or as the result of changes — to ensure seamless usage of our product at our customers’ premises.

The supplier onboarding process

Our meticulous onboarding process ensures that every manufacturer meets our standards:

Detailed audits: Uniquely designed process analysis that goes above and beyond the VDA standard allows us to create process transparency at production plants in order to assure that the quality assurance systems in place meet Bosch’s stringent requirements. A total of 389 items are checked over 15 main production steps, 119 of which are directly relevant to demonstrating function, usability, and reliability.

A tradition of excellence: With its more than 125 years of success, Bosch is known for its pursuit of excellence and its superior product quality. In line with this tradition, copperdot continues to select and work with PCB manufacturers who can achieve and uphold the highest standards in terms of process and product quality.

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