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Services relating to PCBs

copperdot offers an array of tailored solutions for your PCB needs. From initial consultations to post-purchase support, our suite of services ensures that you’re always ahead of the curve. Discover our seamless procurement and effective design for manufacturing (DFM) consultation offers, benefit from our extensive global network, and have our team craft bespoke PCB strategies just for you. Choose copperdot from day one and embrace the future of PCB excellence.

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Quality management

At copperdot, excellence is ingrained in every layer. Find out more about our rigorous quality assurance and risk management processes, which ensure top-tier PCB production. With our steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and functionality, we’re redefining industry standards.

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Consulting and support

Unlock the power of tailored PCB design with copperdot’s consulting and support. Leveraging Bosch’s legacy, we guide you seamlessly through optimization, ensuring cost-effective and efficient outcomes.

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Supply chain management

Experience seamless, sustainable, and resilient supply chain processes with copperdot. Read more about our world-class logistics, standardized processes, and rapid risk responses, which ensure that your PCB needs are met with unmatched efficiency.

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Unique E2E procurement platform for PCBs

Elevate your PCB procurement experience with copperdot, including our seamless platform that intelligently connects every stakeholder. From RFQ handling to real-time data transparency, we’re revolutionizing the B2B PCB procurement journey. Discover the future today.

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